Chef Lorenzo's Party Panic

Maria is beckoning players to come play FVCE2

Hello FarmVille 2 Country Escape players,

we have a new mini-quest that features Chef Lorenzo needing help with hosting his dinner party. This quest will vary from player to player. The FV2CE quest requirements as well as the rewards will differ for each player.  It is a timed quest that lasts about six days.

 You'll find Chef Lorenzo standing by the Market Stand and in front of Eddie's Landing.
 There is a timer as to when to accept the quest. Once you accept the second timer of about 6 days will start for completion.
 Accept or turn down his request. The choice is in your hands. However, the mini-quests alike this one are relatively easy and shouldn't pose a problem to complete within the time frame.
Again, the quest requirements will differ from player to player. I imagine as all things in FarmVille 2 Country Escape, that the quest tasks will depend on your level. Good luck in snagging the extra padlock or nails or whichever reward it grants you.

Happy Playing!

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