FV2CE Land Expansion Prices Revealed

FV2CE land expansion prices
The latest content update in FarmVille 2 Country Escape has revealed the prices for the land expansions behind Mallard Mill. Zynga is keeping with tradition and keeping the prices for land at a high amount. Hopefully, everyone has been saving up their coins or keys.

FV2CE land expansion prices
 First up is the land expansion on the left of Mallard Mill. This plot of land will cost a player a cool 6.7 million coins. Note there is a timer on when the land will open up. A player has the choice of skipping the timer for 356 keys and then buying the land at the 6.7 million coin price.
FV2CE land expansion prices

The choice of waiting for the timer to count down is in each player's hands. I think that if a player is really hurting for space in their farm then skipping the timer is something to consider. The more breathing room on a farm the less chance of crashing your mobile device or that of your visitors. Plus, less chances of accidentally using up keys when trying to use your various machines.

A final note or two: Prices are subject to change depending on level/region/player usage of keys. Also, the key price is a sale. Once the sale is over the key price to skip the timer goes up substantially.

Happy Playing!

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