FV2CE Spa Day Event: Phase 6 and Bonus Finale Quests

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 FarmVille 2 Country Escape's Spa Event is now available. A local spa has agreed to set up shop on your farm. Send off your farmhands to the Hot Springs to relax. If you are at least level 12, you will see a pop-up inviting you to the Spa Day Event!

Spa Day Quests: Phase 6 and Bonus Finale 

 Finally, the last phase of the FV2CE Spa Day Event. It's a big one too, with two rows of items that you must find in the spa kits. If you complete this phase then Marcello will visit your farm for 30 days as a temporary helper. I remember the old days when we got real decorations for our farms or special animals not just a temporary helper. Sigh, moving on!
 After treating our farmhands to a day or three of relaxation it's finally our turn. Toss your farmhands to toil at the Merryweather Mine to find 10 quartz. Craft Nail files at the Windmill.
 You'll find Nail Polish at the Hot Springs. Tin is needed here. Find tin and quartz at the mine or buy from global market.
 Find your emery stone at the Glade, Pier, or Pond. Quartz is needed to create the nail file.
 Nail File, Nail Polish, and Tin will create a Nail Kit.
Should you complete the entire event then the finale bonus quest called, "Path to Enlightenment" will appear in your quest log. This one is a big one and requires you to make several nail kits while sending out farmhands to Pappy's Pond and Merryweather Mine multiple times. The bonus finale quest is not a required thing to do but think of it as an extra challenge. Don't forget that even if you are done with your event that you can still help out your friends or co-op by crafting event items. 

Congratulations on finishing the Spa Day event! May Marcello bring you a ton of relaxing massages.

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