FV2CE Spa Event and Phase 1 Quest Guide

 Hello FV2CE players, the Spa Event has begun. If you haven't already make sure to visit your app store to download the newest content update for FarmVille 2 Country Escape. The Spa event begins with a brief summary of what the event entails.

 The Spa Event is broken up into various phases. Each phase of the spa event will have a player crafting unique spa items to obtain a Spa Kit. The Spa Kit will contain a mixture of items or possibly the event item that you need to complete the phase.
 The Event Help board gives a basic summary of what you need to do as well as pointing oout that the final reward for completing this event is yet another temporary Farmhand, called, Marcello.
 Here's an overview of what needs to be completed. All of the markers are the start of a new phase until you reach Marcello at the end. Remember that each phase will become increasingly harder to complete. I find the final stage to be especially obnoxious as it usually requires a FV2CE player to complete multiple rows of items.
 In the marketplace we have a glance at what Marcello does for our farm. The two temporary helpers with their key price as well. I hate to say it but the temporary helpers do give a small boost to finding rare items. However, if you have temporary helpers from previous events(ex. Nanny, Granny etc) those have the same odds of bringing in rare items alike Guru Greg and the Yoga trainer.

Spa Day Quests - Phase 1

 Along with the spa event comes the requisite quests. The first begins with introducing you to Greg the Guru. Click on the "Let's Go' button to continue.
 There is a timer to these quests which correspond to the event iteself. Here we are being introduced to the Spa Room(the event center near Eddy) and the Hot Springs.
 Just in case - this is the Spa Room. To visit it just click on it once and it will count toward your quest requirement.
 And this here, is the Hot Springs. Really nice visual. I could use a IRL visit here with friends!

In order to send off your Farmhands to the Hot Springs you need to craft Fruit Smoothies at the Stove top. Yes, the stove top not the Dairy. What the heck are you drinking Zynga? At any rate, since you'll be visiting the Hot Springs often enough it's a good idea to make a small batch to avoid having to make one at a time.
 The amount of experience you gain from the quests will vary depending on what level you are at in the game.

The second part of this quest will have us finding Oats, gathering goat's milk, and crafting Goat's Milk Soap at the Dairy. I think it would have made more sense to craft the soap at the Crafting table alongside the candles and whatnot. Silly Zynga. At the end of this Phase 1 quest you will receive 1 key as a reward for completing it. Not bad for a small amount of playing.

In order to make the Goat's Milk Soap you'll need to find Oats at various exploration locations on your farm. The Glade, and 30 minute animals alike the cow or chicken are good places to start. If you have farmhands to spare then send those off to the Mine or Pier.

Small Note: If you choose to use a boost then make sure to activate the boost and then send off the helpers. There have been times when the boost didn't count if you sent the farmhands first before activating the boost.

Small Note 2: Crafting multiples of the items needed(ex. goat's milk soap) will give you slightly better odds in finding what you need to complete each phase. If you craft an item one by one you'll notice that Zynga likes giving a lot of misc items such as coins or speed seed instead of a free boost or spa item. So if you can craft multiples then do so because it saves time in the long run.

Happy Playing! 

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