New Content Update for FV2CE's Spa Day

FarmVille 2 Country Escape has a new update in the App Stores. Please update your game to prepare for the next event which should start this Wednesday.

The next FV2CE event will be revolving around a Spa that has set up temporarily on our farms. The prize is another temporary farmhand named, Marcello the Masseur. He'll stick around for 30 days and then up and leave once his time is up.

A few of the items we are bring told to stock up on is goat's milk, carrots, and wool. We'll find out tomorrow(or later this week) what the quests/event involves. Apologies for not having the Mother's Day event up in time. I have been swamped with a ton of stuff that has kept me from doing the fun things I enjoy. Thank you for your patience and ---

Happy Playing!

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