Discover the Secret behind FV2CE's Timber Currency

Marie's Order Board FV2CE

Hello farmers,

if you haven't already updated your FarmVille 2 Country Escape game there are updates now available for IOS and Andriod devices. Be one of the first to hear about the new Timber currency gained from Marie's Order Board right here!

Edit: 07/21/2016: Don't forget to watch my video on the new Improved Order Board as well!

The Secret of FV2CE Timber is Revealed

Everything involving the new currency revolves around Marie's Order Board.   The Order Board is the NPC market that displays various crops/fruits or crafts that can be exchanged for coins. As you turn in orders the sales meter on the right will begin to fill up until the bonus round is reached. This is where the timber currency comes into play.
FV2CE Timber Currency
Hello Timber
Everything a player gathers on the farm is useful here - even the new recipes unlocked at higher levels. The biggest addition to the Farm Order Board will be the new currency; timber. And what is timber used for you wonder? Upgrading your workshops!
FV2CE upgraded machines
Various Levels on your Craft stations
Using timber and coins will allow for an upgrade. For example, Marie will upgrade your windmill for free. Not a single key is used if you have enough timber and coins. Now the windmill is permanently faster. Then you can upgrade all your workshops by using timber and coins. If you have only extra coins then you'll need to earn some timber by playing Marie's Order Board. 

Make sure to hit Marie's Order Board goal in time each week to get as much timber as possible to upgrade your workshops. As you level the machines up, they will unlock new upgrades that you can purchase, and additional upgrade levels as well. These will be coming soon.

Keep in mind that the upgrading feature will tip the balance in favor of players that win a bunch of timber to purchase upgrades. Events and features will be more fun for those that keep upgrading but at the same time Zynga will make special events harder because of it. This is because they expect players to take advantage of the free upgrades and will create events with the idea that players will have upgraded machines. It's nothing new as they've done this several times before.

Which means to always keep gathering as much timber currency to have more upgrades. This doesn't mean that Eagle Eye Eddie, Nick's Knicknacks, Sophia's Tasting, Table, Pike's Landing, or the Lighthouse will be obsolete. Their rewards are helpful for advancing the game in other ways. 

Happy Playing,

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