FV2CE Circus Event Quests 1 & 2

FV2CE Circus Event
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 Hello farmers! The circus has arrived on your farm for the latest FarmVille 2 Country Escape event. If you are at least Level 12 then you'll be able to participate. This time around the event focuses on the Bingo board. If you complete the event before the timer expires you'll be able to take home a permanent farm helper.

FV2CE Circus Event
The new quest will be found in your farm almanac. The event started 8 days ago so you should have about 10 days(as of today) to complete it all. If you were experiencing problems connecting to Facebook the issue has been recently resolved.
FV2CE Circus Event
 Once you've read the flavor text then tap the green button to begin.
FV2CE Circus Event
  Circus 1 of 8
• Visit the Circus Ring
• Use a boost on the Circus Orders board
• Complete an order on the Circus Orders board
FV2CE Circus Event
 Barbell Boosts:

When you first open the Bingo Order Board you'll see a 50% and 100% boost options. Once you use up the 100% boost the cost will lose its free status and go back to costing keys. Remember that boosts only affect individual item points, not the Bingo Order Board for fast finish bonus points.
FV2CE Circus Event
Once you've completed the first quest then you'll be awarded 50 Bingo points. Let's start on the next phase of the Circus quest-line.


FV2CE Circus Event
 Circus 2 of 8
• Send Farm Hands to Grandma's Glade thrice
• Make 2 Veggie Dogs
• Make 2 Corndogs
 Veggie Dogs will be found at the Stovetop. The Yellow Mustard can be found at the Glade.
Corndogs are made at the Dinner Oven.  These also use Yellow Mustard.
Once you've completed the quest you'll be awarded another 50 Bingo points!

Happy Playing FV2CE gamers,

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