FV2CE Circus Event Quests 5 & 6

FV2CE Circus Event
Photo Credit: Zynga
 Hello farmers! The circus has arrived on your farm for the latest FarmVille 2 Country Escape event. If you are at least Level 12 then you'll be able to participate. This time around the event focuses on the Bingo board. If you complete the event before the timer expires you'll be able to take home a permanent farm helper.

FV2CE Circus Event
 Circus 5 of 8
• Use 2 boosts on the Circus Orders board
• Complete 8 orders on the Circus Orders board
• Get 2 Bingos on the Circus Orders board
Bingo Board Rules according to Zynga:

• You cannot skip cards
• You can buy through a card you don’t have the item inventory to complete
• You can buy through a card-group
• When a card-group bonus timer expires, you can keep playing it, just without a fast finish bonus
• When a card-group is completed (Bingo Order Board), a new card-group is served
• You can earn rewards as you reach pre-set point levels for specified reward packages
• Boosts only buff individual card event points, does not buff the Bingo Order Board bonus or fast finish bonuses
• Bonus Gift bags when 4 are connected; 2X for 2X; 3X for 3X
• When you buy through card group with keys:

a.    You get 3 Gift bags(same as 3x Bingo Order Board flow)
b.    If you have a boost active, boost will remain active and carry over into next card until timer expires
c.    You will receive 0 coins for the orders on the card (because you never sold or completed any orders on the card)
FV2CE Circus Event

Not very much to this particular quest. We'll receive another 50 Bingo points for our trouble. Onward to quest 6 which will have us creating costumes.

FV2CE Circus Event
 Circus 6 of 8
• Gather 4 Stretchy Fabrics
• Make 2 Circus Outfits
• Make 3 Ringmaster Jackets
FV2CE Circus Event
 The bulk of the costumes are made at the Loom. A new material is introduced called; stretchy fabric. The stretchy fabric can be found at the Mill or by tending to your Prized Animals(Prized Cow, Prized Chicken, Prized Horse etc etc)
FV2CE Circus Event
 The Circus Outfit is made with stretchy fabric, trousers, and socks.
FV2CE Circus Event
 Although the quest doesn't call for it, the Bingo Board may ask for the White Gloves to be made. These are made at the Loom and also take stretchy fabric and 1 Wool.
FV2CE Circus Event
With this portion done a bonus of 50 Bingo Points are yours once again. You're almost at the end of the quest-line with only two more parts to go. Keep on going and -

Happy Playing!

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