FV2CE Circus Event Quests 7 & 8

FV2CE Circus
Photo Credit: Zynga
 Hello farmers! The circus has arrived on your farm for the latest FarmVille 2 Country Escape event. If you are at least Level 12 then you'll be able to participate. This time around the event focuses on the Bingo board. If you complete the event before the timer expires you'll be able to take home a permanent farm helper

FV2CE Circus
 Circus 7 of 8
• Send Farm Hands to Merryweather Mine four times
• Craft 3 Fire Rings
• Create 4 Animal Stands

FV2CE Circus
 Although the quest doesn't ask for Circus Posters this item may be called for at the Bingo Board. Luckily it doesn't require anything special to be made at the Craft Workstation. If you are looking for extra coins then make a few to sell at the Global Market.
FV2CE Circus
 Steel is the newest ingredient. It can be found at the Merryweather Mine. Animal Stands require 1 Steel and 1 Wool to be made at the Craft Workstation.

Note: If you are a lower level player that doesn't have the Merryweather Mine open then the event will not ask for these to be made at the Bingo Board. I honestly do not know if you'll be able to complete this portion of the quest. Again, that only applies to lower level players that haven't opened up the Merryweather Mine section.
FV2CE Circus
 Fire Rings are also made at the Craft Workstation and also require steel but instead of wool it needs tin. Ever notice that Zynga never tells you to stock up on tin or quartz for the events? They are a special kind of evil in that regard...
FV2CE Circus
Once we are done then a final 50 Bingo Points will be awarded. One final step to go ---

FV2CE Circus
 The last phase of the quest-line requires quite a bit of the Bingo Circus Orders Board to be completed as well as boosts to be used.

Circus 8 of 8
• Use 3 boosts on the Circus Orders board
• Complete 16 orders on the Circus Orders board
• Get 4 Bingos on the Circus Orders board

FV2CE Circus
However the final prize for the quests are 3 shiny keys and hopefully when you finish the various portions of the FarmVille 2 Circus Event then you'll also have a Tiny Tiger permanent farmhand too.

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