An Early Look at Maria's New Order Board

Maria's New Order Board
Hello Farmers, it seems that Zynga has finally begun to roll out the new FV2CE Maria's Order Board alongside the timber currency. I talked a little about what was in store for us in Discover the Secret behind FV2CE's Timber Currency. When you update your game on the right-side of your screen will be a time clock button. This is not the new event which should be coming very soon during this week.

New Changes to Maria's Order Board

  • 60 Points Max contribution per player
  • Must be Level 27
  • Must complete 1 order to be eligible for the Co-Op Goal

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Max Points
An individual can only contribute up to 60 points. If you and your members reached the cap, it will no longer be added to the Co-Op Goal points for that week. You may need to wait for another Tier of Orders, so that your crafted recipes/items will be counted again.

Level that timber becomes available
You must be Level 27 and in a Co-Op group. This is to allow you to ask other Co-Op members to complete Marie’s orders for you. Also, you can claim and complete other Co-Op members’ orders to help reach the overall Co-Op Goal.

You must contribute at least 1 order to that week's Co-Op goal and still be in your Co-Op to be eligible for that week’s rewards

If you click on the button you will receive an early bird offer to start the new order board. Depending on how many keys a player uses/buys on a monthly basis the cost can be anywhere from 300-500 keys to unlock. When you unlock the improved Order Board a tutorial will appear to walk you through the process of how to upgrade your machines as well as show you how to collect the new timber currency. Once the tutorial is over a player will also receive a small set of quests to help earn more timber.

YouTube Video Walk-through of Maria's Improved Order Board:

Instead of showing screenshots I've made a short video that demonstrates the process. If you're curious about the new order board have a look at what to expect!

Timber Upgrades Machines, Trees, Animals

Not all of the machines, animals, and trees will be available for upgrade. As players become more familiar with the new feature the others will unlock over time. At the moment the following are not not available for upgrade: Loom, Beachfront Grill, Craft Workshop, Fruit Press, Dinner Oven, and the Cove Kettle.

Collect extra timber with the weekly bonus round and by reaching the weekly goal As a player fills order they will receive various amounts of timber (5-25) for filling orders. The option to purchase more timber is available.

Patience is Free

Remember that the early bird special is simply unlocking the new order board right away. There is a timer of a few days that shows when the feature becomes unlocked for free on your farm. When the feature does unlock make sure to take advantage and begin upgrading your machines.
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Too many orders of 5 is bad. "X" them all out.

Tips and Tricks 

Sometimes Maria gets greedy. She'll start asking for insane amounts of orders. Don't try to meet them because it will set you up to continue getting orders just like the first. Instead, "X" out the orders that ask for large quantities. Anything higher then 4 of a single item will start multiplying afterwards if you actually fulfill it. So, close out the order and await for the timer to reset. Keep "X"ing out everything until Maria becomes sensible again. And she will, and then you start back over again.

Happy Playing!

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