FV2CE World Food Festival Phase 5 Quests

Welcome to the FV2CE World Food Festival guide for Phase 5. If you are at least level 13, you will see a pop-up inviting you to the World Food Festival! You will need to force close the game to see the update, which means to clear it from your mobile device's memory. You may even need to reboot your device.

Note: You will need to reach level 14 to unlock phase 3, and level 18 to play phases 4 and 5.
Find and complete the special World Food Festival event items on or before 8/3/2016 to get the exclusive, limited-time Truffle Dog!

New items and where to get them in Phase 5:

Olives - Grocer's Corner
Chickpeas - Grandma's Glade, Pappy's Pond, Merryweather Mine, Mallard Mill or Pier
 Baklava - Pastry Oven
 Olive Salad - Dairy
 Hummus - Stovetop
 Falafel Pita - Stovetop
 Falafel - Windmill

Quests: Mediteranian Meals 1 of 3
Send Farm Hands to the Grocer's Corner 3 times
Harvest 10 Corns
Make 5 Olive Salads

Quests: Mediteranian Meals 2 of 3
Send Farm Hands to Grandma's Glade for more ingredients 2 times
Make 8 Falafel
Make 8 Falafel Pita

Quests: Mediteranian Meals 3 of 3
Make 14 Hummus
Make 10 Olive Salad
Make 15 Falafel Pita
 And final quest completed.
 Congratulations! You've won the FV2CE World Food Festival Event.
Well done! If you completed the Phase 5 event successfully you'll be rewarded with Truffles the exclusive(very temporary) dog. 

Happy Playing,

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