FarmVille 2: Tropical Escape Bonus Quest

FarmVille 2: Tropical Escape
Picture Credit: Zynga
It’s been one year since Heidi and Johnny tied the knot! Go on a romantic adventure with them to Hawaii in the newest event and help them retrace their steps. In a huge bid to market their upcoming mobile game: FarmVille: Tropic Escape, our game was updated with this latest event.

Apologies for being late with getting the quests ready in time. I ran into a whole bag of problems that took me away from getting the quests up in a timely manner. I will upload them at any rate for those that missed out on the event. In the meanwhile, here is the bonus quest!
FarmVille 2: Tropical Escape Event
 Notice that everyone is dressed up except for Marie. She needs to loosen up a bit more.
FarmVille 2: Tropical Escape Event
I do not want to see Paddy's Pond or the Mine for at least another week. Ugh, it was tiring getting this portion of the quest done.
FarmVille 2: Tropical Escape Event
If you made it to this screen a huge congrats is in order. This bonus quest was no easy feat! Good job, and Happy Playing!

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