FV2CE Halloween Adventure 2016 Phase Four

Halloween approaches in FV2CE and Uncle Ahab is entertaining the twins with stories of his "adventures." The kids love his stories, and want to dress up for Trick or Treating! Johnny would like your help to get the decorations up, costumes made, and everything ready for trick or treating. The trouble is that he has to get it all past Heidi!

 In each phase, you will need to craft Halloween items for a chance to win gifts to unlock the different event decorations. Phase 4 requires the Mummy Costume from the Loom
 Picking off from the last phase we are greeted by Uncle Ahab and his imaginative stories. This time around he'll tell the kids about his encounter with the kooky Mummy.
FV2CE Mummy's Tomb Quests 1 of 2:
• Visit the Ghost Ship once
• Send Farm Hands to Grandma's Glade 5 times
• Harvest 8 Wool
 Quest Experience awarded depends on your current level. The experience shown here is for those at level 30. If you're a higher level it will award a higher number of experience and if you're lower level it will give an appropriate amount for the level.
 FV2CE Mummy's Tomb Quests 2 of 2:
• Find 4 Mysterious Necklaces
• Locate 8 White Bandages
• Make 4 Mummy Costumes

New Items and where to get them:
Mysterious Necklace - Ghost Ship
White Bandages -  These are found by visiting Grandma's Glade, Pappy's Pond, Merryweather Mine, Pier, or Mallard Mill
 As with the other quests this one will award a key for your efforts.

Phase 4 Rewards:
2 Barn Nails, 1 Padlock, and 5 Tin

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