FV2CE Halloween Adventure 2016 Phase Five

Halloween approaches in FV2CE and Uncle Ahab is entertaining the twins with stories of his "adventures." The kids love his stories, and want to dress up for Trick or Treating! Johnny would like your help to get the decorations up, costumes made, and everything ready for trick or treating. The trouble is that he has to get it all past Heidi!

In each phase, you will need to craft Halloween items for a chance to win gifts to unlock the different event decorations. Phase 5 will ask you to make Peg Legs and Wooden Swords from the Craft Workstation.
 FV2CE Pirate's Bounty Quests 1 of 2:
• Find 2 Tin
• Make 6 Rum Candies
• Send Farm Hands to the Ghost Ship twice
Here's where you can imagine that your farm exists on a strange plane of time. In reality, Anne Bonny was born around the year of 1690. Her birth name was Anne McCormac, and her birthplace was Cork, Ireland.
 FV2CE Pirate's Bounty Quests 2 of 2:
• Find 4 Linseed Oil
• Send Farm Hands to Grandma's Glade 6 times
• Send Farm Hands to Pappy's Pond once

New Items and where to get them:
Oak Board - Ghost Ship
Linseed Oil - Grandma's Glade, Pappy's Pond, Merryweather Mine, Pier, Mallard Mill
Both Peg legs and Wooden Swords are made at the Craft Workstation.
 A freebie key is your reward. Here's another anecdote of my own. Back in the times of the Sims 2 games and the rise of a premium subscription service known as The Sims Resource.I used to oppose TSR's terrible practices with rebellious antics under the nickname of Pirate Anne Bonny. Fun times!
Phase 5 Rewards:
2 Barn Nails, 1 Padlock, and 5 Tin

Great job on completing the fifth phase. I'll have the final phase and bonus quest up sometime tomorrow. If you liked my guide please consider supporting the site either by disabling ads or if you're going to shop on Amazon please do so through my affiliate link. Thank you for the consideration.

Happy playing!

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