Get the New Cornucopia Balloon Festival Update


FV2CE's Cornucopia Balloon Festival Event is almost here. Visit your mobile game center for the newest update to FarmVille 2 Country Escape.This new event is said to be coming later this week. I imagine the absolute earliest would be sometime this Wednesday.


Get the latest update in the App Store for the new event which is being described as:
Everyone is coming together to celebrate the Cornucopia Balloon Festival, and prepare for a feast. Join the fun by helping build the best balloon, and whip up a delicious meal. Get help from the Grand Marshall or the Turkey Farm Hands, who can help you find rare event items. Lets welcome Autumn together!

So far no hints have been given on what to expect or what the prize will be. If the event starts tomorrow I'll do my best to get everything up here as fast as I can. Meanwhile Chef Lorenzo is usually visiting about this time to help keep your crafting machines busy until the event begins.

The Halloween event has come to a close but here's a behind-the-scenes look at the artwork for the characters. Anne Bonny and the Horseman went through quite a bit of changes before they reached their final appearance for the release.

Enjoy, stock up on butter and sugar(as always, this is what they say are the basics).

 Happy Playing!

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