FV2CE: Secret Admirer Soiree Introduction

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The Secret Admirer Soiree event debuted on 01/25/2017. If you are at least level 12, you will see a pop-up inviting you to the Legends of the Farmdog Trail Event. The caveat though is that you will need to reach level 18 to play phases 5. There is a time limit. You  have until February 12th 2017 to complete the quests, and win the exclusive Chocolate Lab as a temporary Farm Hand.

FV2CE Event Overview

Secret Admirer Soiree Event items

In each phase, you will need to craft Secret Admirer Soiree items for a chance to win mystery boxes and unlock the different event decorations. Here are the items that you need to make to get the chance to win Event items:
  • Phase 1: Strawberry Parfait - Dairy
  • Phase 2: Apple Lollipop - Stovetop
  • Phase 3: Blackberry Souflee - Pastry Oven
  • Phase 4: Caramel Truffle - Stovetop
  • Phase 5:Raspberry Cheesecake - Pastry Oven
  • Phase 6: Cupid's Gift Box - Craft Workstation

Candy Shop

Temporary Place of Interest: Candy Shop

The Candy Shop is a temporary area that will drop the different items needed in each recipe. For example, it will drop Heavy Cream which you will need to make Strawberry Parfait in Phase 1.
If possible, keep a boost activated at all times

Falling Hearts Boost

This boost gives you twice the amount of rare Event items from the Glade, Pond, Mine, Pier, Sailboat and your Prized Animals once it's activated. It will appear for free sometimes. If you have push notifications enabled you will receive a push notification when the boost is free. It can also drop from opening Gift boxes on occasion.
Hugo and Love Doves for 150 Keys a piece

Temporary Farm Hands: Hugh Cupid and Love Doves

You have the option to purchase Hugh Cupid, and/or the Love Doves, as Farm Hands to help you out during the Secret Admirer Soiree Event. They will give you a higher chance of finding event items found at the Place of Interest - Candy Shop. Please be aware that they are temporary, and will leave your farm when the event ends.
Farmville 2 Country Escape Guides

FV2CE: The Secret Admirer Soiree Guides

FV2CE: The Secret Admirer Soiree Introduction
FV2CE: The Secret Admirer Soiree Phase 1
FV2CE: The Secret Admirer Soiree Phase 2
FV2CE: The Secret Admirer Soiree Phase 3
FV2CE: The Secret Admirer Soiree Phase 4
FV2CE: The Secret Admirer Soiree Phase 5
FV2CE: The Secret Admirer Soiree Phase 6
FV2CE: The Secret Admirer Soiree Bonus Quest

Note: I'll update the links as I create the guides. Fair warning, I'm going to be a bit slow. My desk broke and I'm left with a piece of cardboard on my lap as my workspace until I can replace it. (sobs)

I hope these guides help you to enjoy the game. Good luck and ---
Happy Playing!
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