FVTropic Escape: Francois the Love Pirate

FVTropic Escape
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 Resort Owners of FarmVille Tropic Escape a new event has arrived just in time for Valentine's Day. Always on the lookout for new ways to bring happiness(and money) to your island; Kate invites Francois the Love Pirate to act as a romance adviser.

Note: This is a full guide to the Love Pirate event. Which means it contains spoilers.

FVTropic Escape
 The event will begin if you are at least level 8. Although I do recommend that a player reaches at level 12 to access the Hot Spring landmark for a chance at more love letters.
FVTropic Escape
 This particular event is on a timer. A player has until February 17th 2017 to finish before it disappears from the island.
FVTropic Escape
 The idea is to shower Francois with gifts of love letters, colognes, or perfumes. In turn, he will give you a rose. As you can see in the picture above he can be found next to your storage or cabana.
FVTropic Escape
Each Rose you receive from Francois progresses the gift meter shown above. The gift meter opens either by tapping on the table of roses(enjoy the cheesy sax music) near Francois, or by tapping on the Party Island with the monkey DJ. The gift meter has 4 milestones.

FVTropic Escape Helper, Prizes & Decorations:

FVTropic Escape
 During this event you will win various prizes as well as purchase decoration items with coins or gems. If you finish the event the exclusive Lovers’ Swing decoration will be yours to keep.

Love Flamingo
Bought with 7000 coins

Romantic Picnic
Bought with 150 gems

Nanichi(temporary helper)
Bought with 132 gems

Note: Nanichi the Monkey will give you a higher chance of finding Pirate Parchment, and is the only Guide that can find Roses at the landmarks. She's also temporary and will leave once the event ends.

Swan Floatie
Quest Reward

Lovers' Swing 
Event Completion Reward

Event items:

  • Agave - Can be found by harvesting Pineapples
  • Sandalwood - Can be found by harvesting Orchids
  • Pirate Parchment -  Explore Coral Reef, Smuggler's Cave, Hot Spring, Merchant Shipwreck, and the Sky Cliff.

Gifts & How to Make Them:

FVTropic Escape
Love Letters: Awards 5 Roses
This is the one you'd like to aim for getting but also the hardest to attain.

Artisan Workshop
2 Orchid Perfumes
1 Pirate Parchment - Found at various landmarks like Coral Reef, Smugglers Cave, Hot Spring
FVTropic Escape
Manly Cologne: Awards 2 Roses
This particular one is the one you'll want to craft the most.

Artisan Workshop
8 Orchid - plant Orchid
2 Sandlewood - Harvest Orchids & this will appear as well.
FVTropic Escape
Pink Margarita: Awards 1 Roses
I found this one to be a nuisance to craft for such a little return. Not only does it take longer than the other two items but it also only gives the least roses. Not especially worth it to craft unless necessary.

Artisan Workshop
15 Pineapple - plant Pineapple
3 Agave- Harvest Pineapple & this will appear as well
1 Orchid - plant Orchid.

Francois the Love Pirate Quests:

FVTropic Escape
 Start off the quest by tapping on the green button that says, "Let's Go".
FVTropic Escape
The Love Pirate 1 of 8
  • Harvest 18 Pineapples 
  • Make 6 Pineapple Smoothies
  • Make 1 Crab Roll

FVTropic Escape
 Completing this quest awards you with Sunshine.
FVTropic Escape
 Francois the Love Pirate arrives complete with cheesy saxophone music. My husband overheard the music tone then looked at me with a raised eyebrow. I won't mention what my co-workers thought when they first heard it. xD
FVTropic Escape
The Love Pirate 2 of 8
  • Harvest 30 Orchids 
  • Make 3 Manly Cologne
  • Get 25 Roses

FVTropic Escape
 Free roses to add to your gift meter. Francois sets his sight on Chloe. Will she resist his ...charm?
FVTropic Escape
The Love Pirate 3 of 8
  • Collect 12 Agave
  • Give Francois 4 Pink Margaritas
  • Make 10 Seared Fish

FVTropic Escape
 Experience rewarded will depend on your current level.
FVTropic Escape
The Love Pirate 4 of 8
  • Make 5 Orchid Perfume 
  • Collect 5 Pirate Parchment
  • Make 5 Love Letters

FVTropic Escape
 More roses. Bring them on. The less we have to hunt or craft the better.
FVTropic Escape
The Love Pirate 5 of 8
  • Make 4 Pink Margaritas - Swan Floatie 
  • Make 3 Manly Cologne
  • Get 150 Roses

FVTropic Escape
 This swan floatie is beautiful. Seriously, it's adorable to look at in the water. Good job!
FVTropic Escape
The Love Pirate 6 of 8
  • Make 8 Fried Rice 
  • Make 8 Daiquiri
  • Make 10 Fish Rolls

FVTropic Escape
 Roses are Red, Violets are Blue.... free roses for you? No, no, that's just terrible rhyming.
FVTropic Escape
 Domingo appears to be a bit frustrated over the new arrival. Is it because Francois made a move on his Maya girl?
FVTropic Escape
The Love Pirate 7 of 8
  • Collect 5 Parchment 
  • Collect 15 Agave
  • Collect 10 Sandalwood

FVTropic Escape
 A freebie key for you to use at the Sunken Temple
FVTropic Escape
The Love Pirate 8 of 8
  • Harvest 40 Orchids 
  • Make 20 Orchid Perfume
  • Get 330 Roses

FVTropic Escape
 Another freebie key and we get to see Francois finally depart.

The End(Spoilers Ahead):

FVTropic Escape
 He's very much a deluded fellow but we'll miss his silly antics.
FVTropic Escape
 Well...some of us will. You can always click on the rose stand to hear that wonderful sax music intro if you do miss Francois.

Francois the Love Pirate Final Reward:

FVTropic Escape

Congratulations on winning the exclusive Lovers' Swing decoration. If you tap on it the swing will move back and forth. Great job!

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