FarmVille 2: Country Escape - Easter Event & Show Pigs arrive

chick in a bunny suit, easter eggs, FarmVille 2: Country Escape

Hello Farmers, it's time to update your mobile app for the upcoming Easter event and Show Pigs feature. These two new things will be coming very soon to your farms sometime this week.

This seems to be yet another leaderboard event to win a permanent Farm Hand that can be upgraded if you win both stages. Let's see what else is new:

ALL NEW EVENT: Find your best paint brushes and decorate the most impressive eggs! Collect Style Points by crafting Easter themed recipes, such as Bunny Cakes and Easter Baskets, and you can win the adorable Mastiff Dog Farm Hand! Win Gold in both stages and upgrade to the Bunny Mastiff Farm Hand!

PERMANENT FEATURE: Show Pigs are here! Partner up with other players to raise adorable pigs and collect rare costumes! Collect ‘em all!

I'll post guides to the quests as soon as possible. Until then, stock up on the basics - sugar, quartz, tin, butter and keep an eye out for the event to start.

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