FarmVille 2: Easter Egg-stravaganza Primer

Chick in a Bunny Suit, FarmVille 2: Easter Egg-stravaganza
The Easter Egg-Stravaganza has arrived in FarmVille 2 Country Escape! Do you have what it takes to win the Mastiff Dog Farm Hand?

Starting the Easter Egg-Stravaganza

Easter Eggs, FV2CE, quest start
If you are at least Level 12, you will see a pop-up inviting you to the Easter Egg-Stravaganza!
FV2CE, quest starting area, easter decorations
  Start off by visiting the Easter Picnic, located behind Eagle Eye Eddie's airplane.

FV2CE Egg-stravaganza Tier Rewards

Mastiff, Dog wears bunny ears, FV2CE
 This event is a very competitive leaderboard challenge. Which means you will be competing against other players to win the permanent Farm Hand; The Mastiff.
Easter baskets, trophies, FarmVille 2: Easter Egg-stravaganza
 There are three tiers of ranking order that you can fall into depending on how many style points you have acquired. If at the end of the first round you are within the Top 5 then the Mastiff is yours to keep.

The Silver tier will give players Gold Stamps, Padlocks, Keys, and a Money-Bunny Pin(this may be temporary), while players in the Bronze tier will receive Silver Stamps, Padlocks, Golden Gloves, and a Money-Bunny Pin. Those who did not place at all will get Orange Frostings and Candy Molds during the first round.
gummy candy, easter eggs, silver and gold carrots, fv2ce
  You will see 3 orders at a time. Earn Points by harvesting or crafting the items requested. Each item that appears on the board will have a different timer, giving you time to get the items needed.

Using the Silver and Gold Carrot Boost

FarmVille 2: Easter Egg-stravaganza, Silver and Gold Carrots, Hen
 You can boost the amount of style points by 50% for coins, or by 100% with keys. There will be a timer once a boost is activated and a short cool-down period when you can buy another boost. Boosts will last 1 hour, and you can only select one boost at a time.

Note: Prices are unique depending on your current level at the time of purchase.

Sunny the Bunny and Easter Bunny Temporary FarmHand Helpers

Bunny rabbit, Man in Bunny costume, Apple Tree, fv2ce
Sunny the Bunny(whom I personally think should have been the reward instead of the Mastiff) and Calvin dressed up as The Easter Bunny are premium Farm Hands that can be purchased for 150 keys in the Marketplace. These are not permanent and will help to find the above pictured rare event items.

Easter Egg-stravaganza Leaderboard Tips

Names, trophies, carrot icons, FarmVille 2: Easter Egg-stravaganza
This is a picture of the first ten minutes of the event starting for me
Should you decided to take on this leaderboard event you will be faced with fierce competition or in my case(see picture above) a bunch of interesting players that rack up points in the millions within the first hour of the event... I'm not bitter.

  • Use your Boosts at all times whether Silver or Gold
  • Be in a helpful Co-Op and make sure to help out if you can as well
  • Use Keys wisely to give you an edge over an opponent
  • Utilize your Sand Dollars at the tent to help your farm out
  • Do not spend time on crafting items that take an hour to craft. You're better off  "X-ing" off that item and waiting for a new item to appear that will give you points faster.
  • Keep looking for the hidden Easter Eggs on your farm. They award 100 to 600 style points.

Reminder for the serious gamers

Game face on. (●o≧ะด≦)o

  • Remember always that when playing to win there is no pulled punches, ZERO MERCY!
  • Do not accept 2nd place; for that is the first loser
  • There is only 1st place and WIN
  • Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their bleeting sheep
  • Nothing screws over competition alike a Platinum Visa card

Seriously though, these Leaderboard events can be fun or they can be a complete rage-inducing fest. I wish you good luck on your own FarmVille 2 Country Escape leaderboard event. I sincerely hope that you all win in one way or another. The quest guide will be up next!

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