FarmVille 2: Easter Egg-stravaganza Quests

Marie, Calvin, bunny rabbit, chick, fv2ce
Hello Farmers, if you're participating in the FarmVille 2: Easter Egg-stravaganza leaderboard event then the quests are a must to complete. Let's begin!

FV2CE Painting Contest Quests for Round One

Johnny, quest text, man in bunny suit
We start off by being introduced to the Easter Bunny so to speak. He truly does look like Johnny dressed up in a bunny costume. Tap on the 'Let's Go!" green button to begin the quests.
fv2ce, Easter Bunny, man in rabbit costume
Painting Contest 1 of 6
  • Visit the Decoration Station once
  • Use 1 Boost
  • Earn 250 style points

fv2ce, easter rabbit costume, quest text, chick egg
50 style points for you. Unlike the usual quest experience that changes depending on level the Style points will remain the same for all levels.
farmville2countryescape, easter bunny costume, green button
Here's a neat thing to discover - Hidden Eggs. They appear randomly and award anywhere to 100 to 600 Style points.
river, pier, hidden easter egg, farmville 2 country escape, treasure
Here's an example of a hudden egg. Keep searching on your farm for them as they don't stop appearing only once. They are an extra bonus to help you move up in the leaderboard.
fv2ce, cookie trays, orange frosting, sugar, bunny costume
Painting Contest 2 of 6
  • Find 2 Candy Molds
  • Find 2 Orange Frosting
  • Craft 6 Sugar
fv2ce, man in easter bunny costume, quest text, chick egg
Completing this quest will award 100 Style points. These amounts start to get even higher which is why it's important to complete the quests.
Painting Contest 3 of 6
  • Find 2 Orange Frosting
  • Craft 2 Easter Cookies
  • Craft 1 Frosted Strawberry
fv2ce, man in easter bunny costume, quest text, chick egg
200 Style points for crafting items you probably were making at any rate. Not bad!
candy, jelly beans, cookie trays, rabbit costume, quest text, fv2ce
Painting Contest 4 of 6
  • Find 3 Candy Molds
  • Craft 5 Marshmallow Cheeps
  • Craft 3 Jelly Beans
chick candy egg, easter rabbit costume, fv2ce
Now you get 300 Style points. Watch and amaze your competition as they ponder...what the hell?
fv2ce, checkmark, chick candy egg, silver carrot, rabbit costume
Painting Contest 5 of 6
  • Complete 8 Event Orders
  • Earn 750 Leaderboard Points
  • Use 2 Boosts
farmville2countryescape, chick candy egg, rabbit costume
Slow and Steady does not win the race in this case. Have a bonus of 400 Style points for your efforts.
fv2ce, rabbit ears, purple egg, blue egg, male in easter bunny costume
Painting Contest 6 of 6
  • Craft 8 Bunny Ears
  • Craft 6 Flower Eggs
  • Craft 4 Glitter Eggs
fv2ce, man in easter bunny costume, quest text, chick egg

And the finale of the quests will award you a whopping 500 points. There are currently no bonus quests afterwards. Keep hunting out those hidden eggs and using your boosts to keep ahead. Good luck in the first round of the FarmVille 2: Easter Egg-stravaganza!

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