FarmVille 2: Stage 2 Easter Eggstravaganza Quest

fv2ce, rabbit costume for male, orange frosting, egg carton
 Hello Farmers, Stage 2 of the FarmVille 2: Easter Egg-stravaganza leaderboard event has begun. Here's a list of all the quests given to help boost your way to the top!

FV2CE Painting Contest Finale Quest for Stage Two

fv2ce, quest text, blue background, rabbit costume figure
 The Easter Bunny is back for Stage 2. If you won the Mastiff in the first round this is your chance to upgrade him. If you didn't win then here's a second chance to earn a permanent Farm Hand. Tap on the 'Let's Go!" green button to begin the quests.
fv2ce, orange frosting, carrot cake, rabbit costume for male
Painting Contest Finale: 1 of 6
  • Send Farmhands 2x's to the Decoration Station
  • Collect 2 Orange Frosting
  • Make 2 Frosted Strawberries

fv2ce, blue background, white text, easter bunny, hen egg
 50 Style Points! Let's keep adding more to boost our score.
fv2ce, pink checkmark, yellow easter egg, silver carrot decoration
 Painting Contest Finale: 2 of 6
  • Fulfill 6 Event Orders
  • Earn 500 Style points
  • Use a Boost

fv2ce, dark blue background, white quest text, rabbit costumed male
 100 Style Points!
fv2ce, blue easter egg, hen egg, easter decorating kit
 Painting Contest Finale: 3 of 6
  • Gather 6 Decoration Kits
  • Gather 16 Eggs
  • Craft 8 Glitter Eggs
Missing Screenshot here(apologies): 200 Style Points!

fv2ce, orange frosting, purple easter egg, blue background
  Painting Contest Finale: 4 of 6
  • Collect 12 Orange Frosting
  • Gather 10 Decoration Kits
  • Craft 8 Flower Eggs
fv2ce, blue background, easter bunny male, green bowtie
 Keeping your place in the Top 5 is tough. Here's 300 Style Points to help!
fv2ce, wheat, easter egg basket, easter egg decoration
  Painting Contest Finale: 5 of 6
  • Gather 4 Decoration Kits
  • Collect 3 Wheat
  • Craft 2 Easter Baskets
fv2ce, dancing easter bunny, white quest text, purple background
 Players will love the 400 Style Points more. Good luck in your competition!
fv2ce, checkmark, yellow easter egg, silver carrot, rabbit costume

 Painting Contest Finale: 6 of 6
  • Fulfill 24 Event Orders
  • Earn 3000 Style Points
  • Use a Boost 10x's
The finale will award you a whopping 750 Style points. Keep an eye out for the hidden Easter eggs on your farm. There should be at least two to discover. Don't forget to use your boosts, and power pins to keep ahead of your competition. Good luck in the second stage of the FarmVille 2: Easter Egg-stravaganza!

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