FarmVille 2: Zoo Experience Event - Phase 2

fv2ce, farm, zoo, couple, family
Mother's Day is approaching in FarmVille 2: Country Escape. Join Dr. Vivian, Cowboy Victor and their mother Olivia in a traveling Zoo Experience event. A panda is about to deliver a baby and a brunch needs to be set up. Join them on your farm!

FarmVille 2: Country Escape - Phase 2 Event Items

fv2ce, pond, farm, zoo
For Phase 2 you need to make Panda Berry Pie, Animal Cookies, Zoo cake, and Panda Cupcakes.

fv2ce, coins, windmill, flour
Gift Voucher - Windmill
The gift voucher is what you will use to visit the Zoo Gift Shop.

fv2ce, butter, sugar, pair of farm dogs
Zoo Gift Shop Rare Event Item:
Sprinkles - Zoo Gift Shop

fv2ce, chives, blackberries, glade
Pastry Frosting - Grandma's Glade, Pappy's Pond, Merryweather Mine, or Pier

fv2ce, blackberries, sugar, flour
Panda Berry Pie - Pastry Oven
Blackberries x2 - Found at Grandma's Glade
Sugar x2 - Craft at the Windmill with corn
Flour x2 - Craft at the Windmill with wheat

fv2ce, cooking machine, animal cookies, flour, sprinkles
Animal Cookies - Pastry Oven
Flour x2 - Craft at the Windmill with wheat
Sprinkles - Found at the Zoo Gift Shop
Butter - Craft at the Dairy with cow milk

fv2ce, sugar, eggs, panda cupcakes, pastries
Panda Cupcakes - Dinner Oven
Pastry Frosting - Found at Grandma's Glade, Pappy's Pond, Merryweather Mine, Pier
Sugar - Craft at the Windmill with corn
Egg x2 - Raid your chickens.

fv2ce, cake with zoo animals, flour
Zoo Cake - Dinner Oven
Pastry Frosting x2 - Found at Grandma's Glade, Pappy's Pond, Merryweather Mine, Pier
Flour x2 - Craft at the Windmill with wheat
Butter x2 - Craft at the Dairy with cow milk

FV2CE Zoo Experience Quests: Some Zoo Treats

fv2ce, female vet, blue background, white quest text
 Start off the quests by tapping on the green "Let's Go!" button.
fv2ce, zoo keeper, sugar, eggs, flour
Visitor Planning: 1 of 3
  • Make 4 Sugar
  • Collect 6 Eggs
  • Make 4 Flour

fv2ce, green bag full of goodies, plush giraffe
 One freebie Grab Bag for your farm.
fv2ce, barn lock, gift voucher, female zoo keeper
 Visitor Planning: 2 of 3
  • Make 6 Gift Vouchers
  • Visit the Zoo Gift Shop

fv2ce, padlock, tan blouse, white hair
 Interesting note: Roadside zoos or Petting zoos are very terrible for animals. Animals used in traveling exhibitions are almost constantly confined to tiny transport cages or trailers. Not to mention the extreme amount of stress put upon the poor things. (*frowns at Olivia*) Shameful.
fv2ce, female veterinarian, glade
  Visitor Planning: 3 of 3
  • Complete Phase 2
fv2ce, brass key, female dancing
 Two freebie keys. Good job!

FarmVille 2: Country Escape Zoo Experience Rewards for Phase 2

fv2ce, crimson banner, colorful sparkles, glitter
 Final rewards - 10 Speed See, 4 Padlocks and Money Bunny Pin
fv2ce, bunny pin, farm, traveling petting zoo
Don't forget to activate your money bunny pin
Good job completing the second phase of the event. Onward to the next part of the FV2CE Zoo Experience event!

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