FV2CE's Zoo Experience Bugs

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Hello Farmers,

if you're currently experiencing a plethora of bugs in your game you are not the only one.
Here are some of the obvious bugs that are currently in FarmVille 2: Country Escape's newest event.

Zoo Experience Crafted Items Not Counting

If this is happening to you here is a possible reason why. If a player crafts rare event items then collects them as soon as the game is opened, there is a chance that they will not count towards the event progression.

Solution: Allow your game to fully load before collecting. Don't collect until at least a full two minutes have passed.

Unable to see your typing in Co-Op Chat

Solution: Not much can be done from a player's end. This will be fixed in the next update. Meanwhile, the text is actually there even if it doesn't seem that way. Press OK/Enter and it will pop up in chat.

An animated Sun keeps appearing or having issues loading Global Market & Chat

Solution: Unfortunately, this bug hasn't been resolved. Though Zynga has a dedicated team to work on finding a resolution it seems there's no fix for this one just yet.

Hopefully all of this will be fixed promptly as a lot of players are unable to play their FV2CE game.

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