FVTropicEscape: Spring Flower Fest - Stage 2

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Calla, Sage, and Lily return in Stage 2 of the FarmVille Tropic Escape to help you celebrate spring with the new Spring Flower Fest event.

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 If you’re at least level 8, you'll be able to start the event. There are 4 phases in all to complete before the event ends on April 17th. The main prize is the temporary helper Lily who will remain for 30 days to help out in your resort. There is also a bunny patch, tropical flamingo, and flower trellis decorations as well.

Spring Flower Fest Collection and Crafting Items for Stage 2

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Waterproof Glue - Float Workshop
  • Limestone Powder
  • Fish

To complete Stage 2 you'll need:

  • Waterproof Glue  x10
  • Decorative Seeds x10
  • Dahlias x10

Spring Flower Fest Quests for Stage 2:

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 Sage returns to kick off the quests for Stage 2 of the Spring Flower Fest.
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Spring Flower Fest Quest: 4 of 12
  • Make 10 Crab Rolls
  • Get 4 Limestone Powder
  • Make 4 Waterproof Glue

Sage, boy smiling, fvtropicescape, spring flower fest quest
 Here's 200 coins to add to your pockets.
Lily, fvtropicescape, colorful gardener clothes
 Lily turns out to be a diligent helper.
Lily, fvtropicescape, colorful gardener clothes, quest
 Spring Flower Fest Quest: 5 of 12
  • Make 8 Garden Gloves
  • Use Garden Gloves 8x's
  • Collect 4 Decorative Seeds

Lily, fvtropicescape, colorful gardener clothes, dancing
 Sip 3 Daiquiris on the house.
Calla, girl is smirking, dancer costume, fvtropicescape
 Calla makes an appearance once again. This time she seems a little peeved at Sage and Lily's antics. It doesn't distract her though as she knows how to best handle the pair.
Calla, dancer girl, samba costume, farmvilletropicescape
 Spring Flower Fest Quest: 6 of 12
  • Gather 10 Dahlias
  • Collect 10 Decorative Seeds
  • Make 10 Waterproof Glue

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 Time to collect your Stage 2 rewards for the Spring Flower Fest! 3 Mallets, 2 Ropes, 14 Sturdy Cloth, and 5 Bouquets are yours to keep.

 Good job, you've completed Stage 2. At this point your Spring Bouquet bar should be at the first chest which will award you the above pictured items: 10 Sturdy Cloth, 1 Treasure Key, and 1 Compass. The Stage 3 guide is coming up!

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