FarmVille 2: Country Escape Zoo Experience Event - Phase 5

fv2ce, zoo keeper with chow chow dog

Farmers, there's still time to win the Lion Chow Chow. Join Olivia, Dr. Vivian and Cowboy Victor in a traveling Zoo Experience. You will have until May 12, 2017 to complete the Zoo Experience quests and win a 30-day visit from the Chow Chow!

FarmVille 2: Country Escape - Phase 5 Event Items

fv2ce, farm with a bulletin board and crops
 For Phase 5 you need to make Panda Pack, Souvenir Pendant, Zoo Patch, and Giraffe Shirt
fv2ce, zoo gift shop showcasing various goods
Zoo Gift Shop Rare Event Item:
Cotton - Zoo Gift Shop
fv2ce, fishing hole with a boat and fisherman on it
 Dye - Grandma's Glade, Pappy's Pond, Merryweather Mine, or Pier
fv2ce, crafting machines on a farm that use cotton and wool
Zoo Pack - Loom
Cotton - Found at the Zoo Gift Shop
Wool - Fleece thy Sheeple
fv2ce, crafting machine that creates backpacks
Backpack - Loom
Cotton - Found at the Zoo Gift Shop
Tin x2 - Found at Merryweather Mine
Honeycomb x2 - Harvest the beehive

Note: This is needed to make the Panda Pack
fv2ce, crafting a blue t-shirt with cotton as a basic material
Blank T-Shirt - Loom
Cotton - Found at the Zoo Gift Shop

Note: This is needed to make the Giraffe Shirt
fv2ce, crafting machine printing out a dyed giraffe t-shirt
Giraffe Shirt - Craft Workstation
Blank T-Shirt - Make this at the Loom with cotton
Dye - Grandma's Glade, Pappy's Pond, Merryweather Mine, or Pier
fv2ce, a crafting machine that creates a pendant
Souvenir Pendant - Craft Workstation
Dye x2 - Found at the Zoo Gift Shop
Tin - Found at Merryweather Mine
Quartz - Found at Merryweather Mine
fv2ce, crafting machine that makes a backpack with a panda on it
Panda Pack - Craft Workstation
Dye - Found at the Zoo Gift Shop
Wool x6 - Break out the shears. Time to raid the sheep. Use the Fleece Power Pin at the Circus Tent to help out with bonus wool.
Backpack - Craft at the Loom with tin, cotton, and honeycomb

FV2CE Zoo Experience Quests:

fv2ce, female zookeeper waving her hand
 Start off the quests by tapping on the green "Let's Go!" button.
fv2ce, female zookeeper demostrating craft items
Souvenirs: 1 of 3
  • Make 12 Blankets
  • Explore Mine 4x's
  • Gather 4 Tin
Misc Note: Apologies. I forgot to take a snapshot of the quest reward. It's basically another Grab Bag.

fv2ce, female zoo assistant, country biscuits, glade
 Souvenirs: 2 of 3
  • Bake 8 Country Biscuits
  • Explore Glade 5x's
Misc Note 2: Apologies again. I was in a rush to get this guide up(working two jobs with zero sleep at the moment). Reward is a Grab Bag.

fv2ce, female zookeeper standing with her hands on hips
  Souvenirs: 3 of 3
  • Complete Phase 5
fv2ce, female zookeeper is dancing
 Look here, I took the reward snapshot! Have a bit of experience for your farm. The experience granted will depend on your current level at the time of completion.
fv2ce, a traveling petting zoo with panda, seal, and a graffe
The finale of the 5th Phase starts at the seal area with a cute mini-show of acrobatics.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape Zoo Experience Rewards for Phase 5

fv2ce, a brown fur lion chow chow dog on a farm
 He's fluffy round and reminds me of the polygon count from the original Playstation but Lion Chow Chow is yours for 30 days!
fv2ce, a lion chow chow sits within a winning crimson banner
Final Rewards: Lion Chow Chow - Temporary Farmhand

Congratulations! You've beaten the final phase of the FV2CE Zoo Experience event. At this point you will be able to help out other playres or Co-Op members by finding the rare items in Phase 5 for them. Players also have the chance to take on the Bonus Quest for an extra challenge.

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