FarmVille 2 Country Escape Confectionery Event - Bonus Quest

FV2CE, Cooking Showdown with two hosts and a cat with chef hat
 Hello Farmers, the Confectionery Showdown has arrived for FV2CE. There's a cooking competition coming to your farm and you've been invited to compete! You'll be given a theme on each phase that you'll need to bring to life through your baking!

FarmVille 2: Country Escape - Confectionery Bonus Quest

FV2CE, A Male Chef is Waving his Hand
Finish this Bonus quest on or before June 4th 2017 to win a chance at another Mystery Gift. The idea is that you are now pitting your skills against your former assistant.
FV2CE, A Male Chef is wearing a white smock and black pants
The Finale

  • Visit the Prep Kitchen 10x's

FV2CE, A Male Chef is Dancing in Joy
 Once you've completed your goal a final Mystery Gift will be awarded.
FV2CE, Three Silver Nails are glowing slightly against a black background
 As always, the gift can be random although the last time the end reward was nearly the same for all. Here I was awarded 3 Barn Nails. I hope you get something much better!
FV2CE, Two males are talking together on a farm
Thanks again for visiting my FV2CE fansite. Congratulations on beating the Confectionery Showdown event. Until the next one - Happy Playing!

FarmVille 2: Country Escape - Confectionery Event  Guides:

FV2CE, A Cow is standing still on a farm next to fruit tress and crops
Stock up on Timber. This new feature will affect events.

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FV2CE: Confectionery Event - PHASE 3
FV2CE: Confectionery Event - PHASE 4
FV2CE: Confectionery Event - PHASE 5
FV2CE: Confectionery Event - PHASE 6
FV2CE: Confectionery Event - BONUS QUEST

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