FarmVille 2: Country Escape - Firework Festival Bonus Quest

FV2CE, fireworks, firefighter, fireworks show
Hello Farmers, the Firework Festival has arrived for FV2CE. There's a festival to put on but first you must help a father and son to find their bond before the Grand Fireworks show commences.
The bonus quest will only appear after a player has completed the entire Fireworks Festival event. Due to a late start(on my end) I'll be putting up the guides in reverse.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape - Firework Festival Bonus Quest

FV2CE, fireworks show, fireworks, fireworks performer
Finish this Bonus quest on or before July 9th 2017 to win a chance at a Firework Crate. The idea is that you are going to help Firework Frank to improve his fireworks show. In reality, you're just going to visit the Firework Stand a ton. Zynga hasn't been very innovative with their bonus quests of late.
FV2CE, fireworks, fireworkshow, firecrackers

Firework Frenzy
  • Visit the Firework Stand 10x's
FV2CE, fireworks, firetruck, firefighter, firecrackers
Obligatory Note: Tinkering with fireworks is generally not a safe/good idea. Neither is leaving a bag of fireworks from last year outside in 115 degree hot weather...not that it happened to me or anything.
FVCE, fireworks, firework performer, male in red outfit
Once you've completed your goal a final Firework Crate will be awarded.
FV2CE, fireworks, glow, gold coins
As always, the gift can be random although the last time the end reward was nearly the same for all. Here I was awarded 10,000 coins. I hope you get something much better!

Thanks again for visiting my FV2CE fansite. Congratulations on beating the Firework Festival event. I hope your 4th of July is a fun and safe one. Until the next event - Happy Playing!

FarmVille 2: Country Escape - Firework Festival Event  Guides:

FV2CE, A Cow is standing still on a farm next to fruit tress and crops
Stock up on Timber. Gold banners means no watering that crop/tree!

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