FarmVille 2: Country Escape Meteor Shower - Summary

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I got this notice after the FV2CE event debuted. :|
 The latest event in FarmVille 2: Country Escape features a meteor shower on your farm. Eddie lands his plane and happens to catch a neat meteor shower. Another sighting will occur and the best view is on your farm. Which means you get to host a party!

 FV2CE Meteor Shower - Introduction

Start off the event by tapping on the Stargazer Observatory located to the right of Eagle Eye Eddie's hangar. The Stargazer Observatory will bring up the event if you are at least Level 12.

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 This will be a crafting event. In each phase, you will need to craft Meteor Shower items for a chance to win Mystery Baskets. If you finish the Meteor Shower event on or before July 31st 2017 then the exclusive(yet very temporary) Meteor Mutt will stay at your farm for the next 30 days.

Note: There are 6 phases and a Bonus stage.

The Party Pad: Temporary Exploration Place

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This is located by Pappy's Pond and to the left of Nick's mobile home. You'll need to craft Party Hats at the Windmill to explore this place. The rare items will change depending on what phase you are on during the time of exploration.

Theorist Theo and Astronomer Sky: Temporary Helpers

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 Tinfoil Hat Theo and Astronmer Skye are both helpers that give a little boost to finding the rare event items. They go for 150 Keys but keep in mind they are not permanent helpers.
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 You can buy one but they actually are made to paired together to give a 100% (or near to it--depending on what phase you're on at the time) chance to find the rare items. Mind you, in the more later stages they will miss finding items or not even reach 100%(A full green circle) on the items.

Meteor Shower Boost Feature

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If you can use a boost I would do so as you'll need as many of the rare items you can get. Sometimes boosts will be given in the Mystery Bags or if Zynga is feeling generous they will give a push notification for a freebie. Otherwise a boost will cost keys to purchase.

Event Items to Craft for the FarmVille 2: Country Escape Meteor Shower 

Phase 1:
Galaxy Cookies - Pastry Oven

Phase 2:
Rocket Pops - Pastry Oven

Phase 3:
Potato Stars - Stovetop

Phase 4:
Space Cake - Pastry Oven

Phase 5:
Meteor Shake - Dairy

Phase 6:
Party Jacket - Loom

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FV2CE: Meteor Shower Event - SUMMARY
FV2CE: Meteor Shower Event - PHASE 1
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FV2CE: Meteor Shower Event - PHASE 3
FV2CE: Meteor Shower Event - PHASE 4
FV2CE: Meteor Shower Event - PHASE 5
FV2CE: Meteor Shower Event - PHASE 6
FV2CE: Meteor Shower Event - BONUS QUEST

Prospector's Corner is Coming to your Farm

FARMVILLE2COUNTRYESCAPE, prospecting, gold, quartz
 I was going to write a short summary on this new feature but I lost my notes on it. /headdesks What I recall from memory isn't very much at all. I know, I know. You're rolling your eyes right? But this is coming from the person that told you about sneak peeks and beta previews long before they debuted. And not just in this game either.
FARMVILLE2COUNTRYESCAPE, prospecting, gold, quartz
Either way, I do recall that this was suggested at the same time as the Show Pigs idea as well as a few others being proposed. For example, one suggested feature was being able to fish on your farm and an interesting treasure hunting feature with a small animal(though that one was more aimed at FVTropicEscape).  Zynga hopes to keep your interest in FV2CE by introducing mini features such as this one and the Show Pigs.

My question is - Has it been working so far for you?

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