FV2CE: Player Survey & New Land Expansion

FV2CE, horse, peach tree, farm, banner
New land expansion is coming to FarmVille 2: Country Escape. There is also a player survey that asks for your feedback. Now is the time to tell the developers what you like and dislike about your FV2CE mobile game.

FV2CE New Land Expansion Coming

FV2CE, female rancher on a farm
 New land is coming to your farm. Details on how much the land costs, where the land is being expanded have yet to be revealed. Keep an eye out on your farm because it's coming soon!

FV2CE Player Survey

FV2CE, player survey with questions
These are my answers. Disregard the bad formating. Typing fast on mobile is not a forte of mine
  The FarmVille2CountryEscape team wants your feedback on the game.  All players who complete the survey will get 5 FREE Speed Seeds & 5 FREE Golden Gloves as a reward.

Take the FV2CE Survey:
FV2CE, player survey, gray button
Make sure that you have your Player ID handy. Also, at the very end you'll see a screen like the one above. Don't leave that page until you hit that "Done" button to ensure everything is sent properly.

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