FarmVille Western Event: Bonus Quest

FV2CE, Wild West, CowGirl
The Bonus Round Begins Here
Hello Farmers, the latest event in FarmVille 2: Country Escape features a western traveling show on your farm. The ultra famous TV stars, Clint and Dallas, will be your guide to an entertaining extravaganza event.
Did you finish the entire event? Think again! A wild bonus quest has appeared. Don't worry, it's not too difficult as it only involves re-visiting the Western Saloon again and again...and again.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape - Western Bonus Quest

FV2CE, Deputy Sherriff
Howdy partner, you've come far if you've reached this point. Finish this Bonus quest on or before September 3rd 2017 to win a chance at a final Cowboy Crate.
FV2CE, Western Girl
There's not much to this quest.
In reality, you're just going to visit the Western Saloon a ton. Zynga hasn't been very innovative with their bonus quests. I think I mentioned that somewhere before too. Don't forget that you can help out your Alliance or Friends with extra materials to help them finish. Be a FarmVille Hero and lend a hand! Or not, it's okay to say the hell with 'em all too. It's your game after all! (*backs away slowly*)

FV2CE: In the West
  • Visit the FarmVille Saloon 10x's
FV2CE, Blonde Woman
Once you've completed your goal a final Cowboy Crate will be awarded.
FV2CE, Gold Coins, Farm

As always, the gift can be random although the last time the end reward was nearly the same for all.
Here I was awarded 10000 coins. Here's hoping that you receive better.

Thanks again for visiting my FV2CE fansite. Congratulations on beating the Western event. Be on the look out for more pins to arrive. Until the next event - Happy Playing!

FarmVille Western Event Quests:

Hunting Dog
That's all folks!

FV2CE: FarmVille Western Event - PHASE 1

FV2CE: FarmVille Western Event - PHASE 2
FV2CE: FarmVille Western Event - PHASE 3
FV2CE: FarmVille Western Event - PHASE 4
FV2CE: FarmVille Western Event - PHASE 5
FV2CE: FarmVille Western Event - BONUS QUEST

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