FarmVille Western Event: Phase 4

FV2CE, Hen, Children, Western, Farm
FV2CE Western Event Phase 4
The latest event in FarmVille 2: Country Escape features a western traveling show on your farm. The ultra famous Clint and Dallas TV stars will be your guide to an entertaining extravaganza event.
Start off the event by tapping on the Western Pavilion located to the right of Eagle Eye Eddie's hangar. The Western Pavilion will bring up the event if you are at least Level 12. The recommended level for this event however is Level 18 to be able to complete all the phases.

FV2CE, FarmVille
FarmVille Western Phase 4 Requirements
Finish the event on or before September 3rd 2017 to win a temporary visit from the Herding Dog. Phase 4 introduces the rare ingredients: Citrus Oil and Leatherette.

Bonus timer for Phase 4 is Two Red Ribbons: A new feature that is being introduced is the bonus timer. Basically, if you beat the time it will award you what is pictured. Once the timer passes then you simply miss the extra bonus. It's a new way for Zynga to add pressure to your game in the hope that you will spend more keys.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape - Phase 4 Event Items

Cowboy Hat - Windmill
A cowboy hat is what you will use to visit the FarmVille Saloon.

FV2CE, Cowboy Hat
Rare Event Item:
Leatherette x2 - FarmVille Saloon

fV2CE, Fishing Pond
Rare Event Item:
Citrus Oil - Grandma's Glade, Pappy's Pond, Merryweather Mine, Pier,

FV2CE, Citrus Oil, Peach, Honey
Horse Shampoo: Craft Workstation
Citrus Oil - Grandma's Glade, Pappy's Pond, Merryweather Mine, Pier, and Prized Animals
Peach x3 - Harvest your Peach Tree
Honeycomb x4 - Harvest your Beehive


  • Citrus Oil: 18
  • Peach: 54
  • Honeycomb: 72

  • FV2CE, Milk, Strawberry
    Grooming Oil: Craft Workstation
    Citrus Oil - Grandma's Glade, Pappy's Pond, Merryweather Mine, Pier, and Prized Animals
    Strawberry x4 - Harvest your Strawberry Field/ Or Buy
    Cow Milk x3 - Harvest your Cows/ Or Buy

    TOTAL: 23

    • Citrus Oil: 23
    • Strawberry: 92
    • Cow Milk: 69

    FV2CE, Sheep Wool
    Padding is needed to craft Saddles
    Padding: Loom(Need to Craft Saddles)
    Wool x3 - Harvest your Sheep/ Or Buy

    TOTAL: 26
    • Wool: 78
    FV2CE, Farm
    Saddle: Loom
    Padding x2 - Craft at the Loom with Wool
    Leatherette: Found at the FarmVille Saloon

    TOTAL: 13
    • Padding: 26
    • Leatherette: 13
    FV2CE, Leather, Wool
    Saddle Bag: Loom
    Wool x3 - Harvest your Sheep/ Or Buy
    Leatherette x2 - Found at the FarmVille Saloon

    TOTAL: 10
    • Wool: 30
    • Leatherette: 20

    FarmVille Western Event Quests:

    FV2CE, Deputy Girl
    Start off the quests by tapping on the green "Let's Go!" button.

    FV2CE, Eggs, Butter

    Fancy These Fans: 1 of 3
    • Harvest/Buy 8 Eggs
    • Craft/Buy 5 Butter
    FV2CE, Cowgirl
    Your reward for completing the quest is a Cowboy Crate
    FV2CE, Gold Coins, Treasure Chest
    The prizes are random. Here I got 10000 gold coins
    FV2CE, Honey Comb
    Fancy These Fans: 2 of 3
    • Explore the FarmVille Saloon 12x's
    • Craft/Buy 8 Honey Butter
    FV2CE, Brass Keys
    Your reward for completing the quest is 4 Keys for your farm!
    FV2CE, Cowgirl
    Fancy These Fans: 3 of 3
    • Complete Phase 4
    FV2CE, Sheriff Deputy
    Shiny Glossy Stamps are yours to keep
    Completing this quest will earn you 3 Gold Stamps for your farm! Good job finishing the fourth phase. There's only one more phase to go...or is there? Keep playing to find out!

    FarmVille Western Event Rewards for Phase 4:

    FV2CE, Farm

    Final Rewards: 10 Keys, 5 Gold Stamps, and 10 Golden Gloves
    Note: If you beat the bonus timer you will receive 2 Red Ribbons

    FarmVille Western Event Quests:

    FV2CE, Western Play
    Finale for Phase 4

    FV2CE: FarmVille Western Event - PHASE 1

    FV2CE: FarmVille Western Event - PHASE 2
    FV2CE: FarmVille Western Event - PHASE 3
    FV2CE: FarmVille Western Event - PHASE 4
    FV2CE: FarmVille Western Event - PHASE 5
    FV2CE: FarmVille Western Event - BONUS QUEST

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